Sebastian Ivanov (pka ALIUS)

writer | topliner | vocalist | producer

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Sebastian Ivanov (pka ALIUS) is on a mission to breathe depth into music through strong hooks and relatable lyrics that play on the listener's heartstrings.

As an artist himself ALIUS has clocked over 45 million streams on Spotify for his original music, has been signed to labels such as TMRW Music and Ocean Music and featured on releases such as Ministry of Sound Summer Anthems.

As a producer and songwriter ALIUS's K-pop collaborations have seen him feature on 3 x Platinum, 2 x Gold, and Million certifications on record sales, reach number 1 on the charts in Japan and Korea, and number 1 on the World Billboard Charts.

In addition to having songs on hold with some of the biggest names in the business (including The Boyz, Kep1er and BTS) his co-writes include the single ‘Stay’ for Yuhno from TVXQ, ‘Upper Side Dreamin’ for ENHYPEN - and most recently 2 songs for HYBE boy group &TEAM and the upcoming single for JYP China artist YAOCHEN.