Savage vows to raise awareness around mental health with new single ‘Reach Out’

Our incredible writer and Hip-Hop legend Savage draws attention to mental wellbeing with an incredibly moving live acoustic version of his upcoming single ‘Reach Out’, filmed at Roundhead Studio in Auckland.

He hopped on The Project New Zealand to talk about it:

“Last year, my niece lost her battle with mental illness… it really devastated our family. We’d just come back from a massive family reunion in Samoa, and that news hitting us really devastated us, my kids, their cousins… it really affected everyone,” he shared.

“Towards the end of last year, at the beginning of this year, I really started to question myself as an artist… whether there is something I can do to help, to bring more awareness to mental health and suicide.

“The song is very close to me… it’s probably the most meaningful song I’ve ever put together. Everyone knows me as the life of the party, bringing the bangers out. This is more to home.”

Check out the beautiful live performance below: