Cam Nacson | Artist • Producer • Topliner • Vocalist

Music has always been second nature to Australian singer-songwriter Cam Nacson, who began singing at an early age. Building on his passion for music, Cam started piano lessons at age 9 where he wrote his first ever track, “Lonely”.

Through his teens, Cam honed on his music skills learning piano, guitar, songwriting, composition and production and at 17 he began performing professionally at venues around Sydney.

With more than 100 original songs behind him, including five self-produced EPs (racking up over 3 million Spotify streams with two singles off those EPs), Cam’s body of work delves into love, loss and what makes us all human – his songs have truly struck a chord with audiences worldwide. Having toured Australia and the US as both a solo act and a session musician, Cam is now writing for some of the biggest up and coming electronic artists in Australia, the US and UK.