Binary Finary | Artist • Producer

Matt Laws and Stuart Matheson originally met in Portsmouth UK while kicking around and playing live p.a.’s at various events. They soon realised their shared talent, passion and creative drive was something special after their track “1998” entered the UK singles charts, peaking at #24 and becoming the first non-vocal piece of electronic music to enter the UK top 40. History was made and the song has continued to live on through some of the amazing remixes across the years (most notably Paul Van Dyk and Gouryella) as well as a truly epic guitar driven 10 minute long cover version of the song by UK band peace.

After hundreds of gigs across various countries and domination of the trance scene worldwide, the boys finally took a break from touring, with Matt and Stuart returning in 2005 to release “The Lost tracks”, a selection of works written and developed specifically for the Binary Finary live sets over the years from 1997 to 2000.

Soon after, Stuart relocated to Australia and quickly hooked up with Sasha Vatoff to keep the Binary Finary journey alive. With matt remaining based in Ireland, Stuart and Sasha took their new live set, using both new original music and re-makes of classic dance tracks, on the road again and began touring internationally in 2009. 

The end of 2018 saw the 20 year anniversary remix package of “1998” released by Armada and a new set of remixes by Mark Sixma and Dosem – as well as a brand new mix by the boys themselves. Not to mention, after 2 decades of dancefloor domination, they were celebrating chart success once again with the 2018 remix of “1998” hitting #1 on the Beatport trance charts within days of its release.

The thirst for technology that has driven Binary Finary since day one still drives the band and enables cross collaboration on many projects, including partnering to promote the Big Fish Little Fish family raves and their own trance events across Australia.  Never straying from their roots, Binary Finary have kept up their passion for emotive creative music with multiple collaborations and original new releases across various record labels.